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Take a look at our car detailing services, the price and details for each service.
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No payment is needed at this time. We will bill you after the service is completed.

Price may vary upon inspection of vehicle.

If you are interested in scheduled Monthly Car Care, we currently charge $40 each month after initial purchase of the Basic Service.

Basic Service 4-6 hours

Interior detail – Three stage vacuum, light agitation on upholstery, leather, plastic, and vinyl, cleaning inside windows

Exterior detail – Wheel hub, wheels, tires, washing vehicle, door jams, windows

Price: $160 (cars, SUVs, and trucks) – $180 (vans, SUVs with 3rd row, crew cab trucks) $100-120 for just interior, $60 for just exterior

Wax coating 5-6 hours

Complete exterior detail, plus wax coating: Wash car, clay bar paint, coarse cut pad then polish pad, both with 3D Speed all-in-one wax. Then 3D Final Touch sprayed on after wax is applied.

Price: $250-270

Products used:


Ceramic coating 6-8 hours

Complete exterior detail, plus ceramic coating: Wash car, clay bar paint, course cut pad then polish pad, both with 3D Speed all-in-one wax. Then apply the ceramic coating. Then 3D Final Touch or 3D Bead-it-up sprayed on after ceramic coating is applied.

Price: $600

Current ceramic coatings on hand: 3D ceramic coating 2-year protection, Sonax CC36 ceramic coating 3-year protection, Nano Bond 9H ceramic coating 3-year protection.

Products used:

Add on: Carpet and seats shampoo and deep clean 4-5 hours

With purchase of the Basic Service – interior

This is a more detailed interior clean than the basic service. Shampoo will be applied, seats and floors will be extracted, conditioner will be applied to vinyl, plastics, and leather.

Price: $250 – $270

Products used:

Engine bay cleaning 30 min – 1 hour

Engine bay will be rinsed (air intake and exposed electrical will be covered), then soap applied, scrubbed, then rinsed, dried, and plastic trim coating applied.

Price: $40

Products used:

Headlight restoration 15 min – 30 min

Restoration of both headlights – wet sand, coarse and fine grade polish, sealed with a light ceramic coating

Price: $20


Window restoration 1-2 hours

Maybe you don’t want your whole car waxed, but want the windows to be nice and clear and to repel water and dust. The process for removing water spots and other hard to remove debris embedded in the glass: Wash the windows, clay bar, then 1 or 2 step correction with polisher. Ceramic sealant applied (3D Bead-it-up).

Price: $150

RV Wash and Wax 8+ hours

Washing and applying wax coating (3D speed) to RV body and windows. As well as detailing wheels and tires.

Price: $300 for 20ft and under, $400 for 20-25ft, $500 for 25ft+